The Convention

The Harm Reduction Convention is an universal declaration of rights of drug users to the variety of the existing Harm Reduction programs, including but not being limited to:

  • needle exchange
  • substitution therapy
  • testing of drugs
  • drug consumption rooms
  • experimental distribution of illicit substances
Our Convention is also guaranteeing drug users that they will be no longer punished for the possession of illicit drugs for personal use.

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Public Consultations

Our first step will be organizing a Public Consultations in which everyone interested in this topic can participate. We will be waiting for Your comments, amendments and proposals regarding the original Charter until November 2016.

The consultations are open for the general public and we will kindly welcome every comment, also (or maybe especially) the negative ones. However, we have a very clear goal of writing the text of the Charter and we do not aim to debate on drug policy in general but rather for a constructive work on the content of our draft.

Please read the original text carefully. Write down all your comments and send it to consultations@hrconvention.org. We are waiting until November 2016.

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Send Postcard

If you think that our project sounds interesting we are inviting You to support it in unusual manner.

Thanks to our Postal Service you can now send a postcard to your friends, members of parliaments, organizations or any public person informing them of our initative and asking for support.

By sending this postcard you will at same time help us to grow in the numbers but also financially. Please do not wait.

About Us

We are an informal coalition of drug users, grassroots activists, drug addiction specialists, public health and legal enforcement officials and organizations active on the field of drug policy.

Our mission is not to create yet another organization but to effectively work for the cause of the Harm Reduction Charter.

We are an informal umbrella group that gathers individuals as well as formal and informal organizations and that is united to perform one simple task of enacting the Harm Reduction Convention on the national and international level.